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Build next Notion apps or bring ordinary tools to Notion in minutes & serve 30+ million users.

export default function App() {
const user = useNotionUser();
const page = useNotionPage();
const workspace = useNotionWorkspace();
return (
<MyApp user={user} page={page} workspace={workspace} />

Welcome to nbundle


Start building top-notch Notion apps for free in minutes.

The SDK is in early access

Although the documentation is publicly available, our API requires an invite code. Please sign up for early access if you haven't already.

Read the documentation

Feel free to read the documentation without an invite code to see how it works. We would love to hear your feedback even before you're off the waiting list.

Get started

Start a new Notion app in seconds, with a single command.

App Store

See the App Store and how Notion users discover & use apps.


Learn how the platform works technically.

API reference

See all available APIs, components, hooks, & utilities.


Welcome, developers! Our docs cover guides, examples, references, and more to help you build your next Notion apps or bring your ordinary products & tools into Notion to streamline your tasks and/or serve 30+ millions of users.

The nbundle Platform consists of three parts:

  • API: This allows developers to build rich Notion apps with React, Node.js, and TypeScript or JavaScript. The docs explain how to use the API to build top-notch Notion-like experiences.

  • Developer Portal: This lets developers publish & manage their apps for all Notion & nbundle users. You'll learn how to publish & manage your apps.

  • App Store: This lets Notion users discover, install, use, & manage their apps.

Key features

Here are a few points that make our ecosystem special:

  • Powerful and familiar tooling: Apps are built with TypeScript and/or JavaScript, React, and Node.js. Leverage npm's ecosystem to quickly build what you imagine.

  • No-brainer to build UI: You concentrate on the logic, we push the pixels. Use our built-in UI components to be consistent with Notion and all apps.

  • Developer experience front and foremost: A strongly-typed API, hot-reloading, sourcemap-enabled, and modern tooling that makes it a blast to work with.

  • Easy to start, flexible to scale: Start a new project with a single command, add a static UI or use React to go wild. Anything goes.

  • No DOM hacking: Using the SDK means no more lost time hacking Notion's DOM, no more late nights when Noton slightly changes their DOM.

  • Zero maintenance: The SDK is designed with a changing Notion in mind. All APIs are handled by the nbundle App Store, which is always up-to-date with Notion. You do literally nothing to keep your apps up-to-date.

  • Get users from our marketplace: The nbundle App Store lives inside Notion, where 30 million users spend hours every day. Apps get more visits & users by just being in our App Store.


The nbundle Platform is free for every developer and most apps:

  • Free: if your app is making less than $10,000/year.

  • Custom plan: if your app is making more than $10,000/year.

Send a message to if you would like to discuss custom plan.